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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Tunes pt. 3

Hey dolls! So sorry for this late post. I've been taking a break and trying to find scholarships. But anyways, here's the last and final part to "Summer Tunes." I had so many songs, couldn't fit them all into one post. Enjoy and until next time! XOXO

"Zero Gravity" by Kerli
Photo Credit; Top; Tank-top; Shorts; Wedges; Tote

I love Kerli's new single! It's so sweet and mello, and the video is edgy, wild, and soft. So in this outfit, I paired a light-weight top with a striped, tank and white shorts for a soft look. Then to add some wild colors, I found these super cute wedges to make your legs look miles-long, and a geometric tote in many different colors!

"Let Me Be Your Star" by Kathrine McPhee and Megan Hilty
Photo Credit; Dress; Necklace; Earrings; Shoes; Ring

My new favorite show about dancing, music, theater, drama, and Marlyn Monroe: Smash, featuring some of the greatest actors, singers, and dancers like Kathrine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Debra Messing, Christian Borle, Angelica Huston, and so many great actors, as well as guest appearances by Nick Jonas, Bernadette Peters, and Uma Thurman.
As for the outfit, I found this beautiful red, high-low dress and matched it with black heels with crystals, a crystal, bib necklace (that matches Megan's and Kathrine's), and crystal drop earrings. And for the final touch: a star ring! Now it's your moment to shine!

"Teach Me How to Jerk" by HBR Click
Photo Credit; Vest; Sweatpants; Bandeau; Shoes
I discovered this song when playing Kinect. On the first Dance Central game, this was one of my favorite hip hop songs. In this outfit, it's meant for a hip hop dancer, or anyone who wants to excersise. I have dancer sweatpants, a sequin bandeau, and a leopard print vest. Also, get a great workout in these Nike New Balance shoes.

That's all for now! Later dolls!
~~ReneA P.

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