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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sheer Sleeveless Blouse with Studded Collar: My Review

Sleeveless Blouses - Example

I have always been quite a fan of the sleeveless blouses with collars. They were one of the number one trends of spring and summer. So of course when I found this blue sheer top with a studded collar at Rue21, I just had to buy it (plus I wanted something with studs).

In this photo, I wore a tube top instead of a bandeau.

I was a bit hesitant in wearing the top. I didn't want to wear a tank top underneath. I wanted to try the bandeau style. Of course, I've had some difficulty getting a bandeau that fit well. But I've got it to work out to my desiring!

I paired the sheer top with a pair of blue jeans and wedges. I was slightly overdressed for the occasion I was attending (doctor's appointment), but I simply felt like trying out the look.

What I liked about the top was that is was lightweight and stylish. I love studs, so I paired the top with a studded belt I can't seem to give up! I also liked how I showed a little skin but was still covered up. Given that I'm getting older, I don't mind wanting to be a little sexy at times, but I still like to dress semi-modest (if that's even a term).

What I didn't like about the top was that it wasn't dark enough so my entire belly was showing through. I should have put on a tank top, but I just didn't want to apparently.

Overall, the blouse is adorable, and I liked trying this style for the first time. I suggest wearing at tank top or tube top for those tops that aren't dark enough or are too sheer to wear a bandeau. I also suggest only pairing the top with jeans or capris. Considered it's revealing, you don't want to show to much skin. Plus pairing them with skirts will look too busy. I suggest blouses that stop at the waistline for skirts and shorts.

Well that's all for now, loves! Happy Shopping ;D
~~ReneA P.