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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashion Lesson 3

Transition from winter to spring

As the winter is slowly leaving, springtime is just around the corner. As a fashionista, it can sometimes be a challenge to adjust to the season. Sometimes you can spend countless minutes trying to find that perfect outfit. Here are a couple of tips to help:
  • As the end of the season comes, start going through your closet: you will see you'll have clothes that you haven't worn in years. Time to get rid of those and make some space
  • Search for clothing you don't really have: find new skirts in different colors; buy new pairs of jeans; find plain color shirts (for different color combinations)
  • Take risks: look for types of clothing you have never tried. You might find a new fashion trend
  • Use your jeggings again: jeggings were 2010's fave fashion craving, so use them as simple jeans or leggings for skirts/dresses. They will make the skirt/dress edgier!
  • Pay attention to your favorite stars' styles: and then find a way to fit that into you personality
  • Watch fashion shows/videos: They'll give you ideas
  • Recycle your things: use your skirt as a top; make that old T-shirt into a scarf; use your chains for jewelry
It's always good to pay close attention to the simplest things in fashion. And remember to take risks!

Friday, January 7, 2011

For the Males: Girls' Do's and Don'ts

As a girl, I haven't really taken the time to write about male fashion. Fashion in guys is just as important as fashion in girls. In fact, Charles Frederick Worth was the first designer to have his own label sewn onto the garments he had made. In the fashion industry, males dominate.

Although, I've interviewed a couple of ladies, and asked them what they find to be good choices for a male to wear and not to wear.
"I like thoseV-neck collar shirts. Next is no saggy jeans; that's how they wear them in jail. Pull up your pants!"
Outfit 1: Jeans, Shirt

"I like V-neck shirts, skinny ties, graphic tees, and skinny jeans."
Outfit 2: Jeans, Shirt, Tie

"I don't like baggy clothes and dirty shoes."
Don't do the baggy.

Instead try:

Outfit 3: Jeans, shoes

"I like clean cut as in like a dress shirt with a T-shirt underneath and jeans with like Polo shoes. I really hate those that sag, ugh! So nasty!"
Outfit 4: Shoes, Jeans, T-shirt, Dress Shirt

I like it when guys wear hats, plain T-shirts, or flannel shirts. I don't like just wife beaters or sweats/basketball shorts all the time."

Outfit 5: Shirt, Hat

"I like skinny jeans, but not too tight. And cardigans especially!"

Outfit 6: Jeans, Cardigan

"I like sweater vest, skinnies, polos, dickies, new era hats, adidas, nikes, g shock, etc., etc."

Outfit 7: T-shirt, Watch, Shoes, Sweater Vest, Jeans

"I like them to wear hats and dress like Neyo." 

Outfit 8: Jeans, Tie, Shirt, Blazer, Dunks, Fedora

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Fashion New Years Revolutions

Year 2010 was awesome...and Year 2011 will be even better! With so many new things to do, I just had to focus on the things that I really needed. So, with my Christmas money and my fabulous fashion sense, I took this day to go shopping with my BFF to find those fabulous styles that I just HAD to get!

I plan to pamper myself with delicious scents!

Throw out those old body lotions and bath soap, and head out to Bath & Body Works to get body stuff for a princess! With these great smelling lotions, shower gel, hand sanitizer, and lip gloss, I will look fresh and feel fresh as well!

I will find shades for the summer

Unfortunately, I broke my shades that I got from Charlotte Russe some time ago. They were really cute, and blocked those harmful sun rays. So, I found cute shades at Rue21 for a low price. Now I can't wait to look fabulous, everywhere I go!

I will take a small break from the colors!
Ever since I bought my very first pair of skinny jeans, I've been hooked! To me, skinny jeans fit me well and look great. Plus, I love getting different colors. Well, I found black and white jeans, now my color jeans are taken care of. So I need to focus on regular blue jeans.
I bought plain, regular blue jeans...

And of course some skinny!

I will not check the time on my phone.
I plan to wear my new watches that my parents got me for Christmas. But the best part about my watches, I received a set! Meaning, I can change the straps and the ring. With all these color combinations, I can make HUNDREDS of designs (961 combinations to be exact) and match a cute watch with ANY outfit I wear! Thanks mom and dad!

And of course, I will stock up on those new Bratz!
Since their combat, I have adored the new Bratz. I've been a Bratz fan ever since 2001 (the year they have arrived). So, it's pretty much been about 10 years for the awesome dolls! And the new Bratz have new bodies, new faces, new clothes and fashion, and new characters! These are just a few from my sisters' and mine collection. Bratz are back with a sweet Passion for Fashion!

Well, these are my New Years Revolutions! Don't forget to make yours and have a Happy New Year!
From ReneA