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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Black History: Coretta Scott King

In honor of my great ancestors and African Americans around, I've decided to hone in my own Black History. In elementary, we would always pick a famous African American and do a report on them (and my school still continues on the tradition. My little sister gets to do Venus Williams and participate in the Black History Program). It was fun to learn about our greatest leaders, and though there are so many, each contributed dearly to our nation.

My first topic is on Coretta Scott King. Wife of the great Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta contributed in the Civil Rights Acts and Movement, participated in the Women's Movement, and boycotted in the Montgomery Boycotts. She was an influential leader to all, granting her a leading role in the Civil Rights Acts.

Coretta wore clean, simple looks, completed with berets, brooches, or pearls. In the outfit I created, I stuck with a business blazer mixed with a long, silk skirt by Alexander Wang. The headband resembles a flower brooch, and you could mix the outfit with a simple fedora, or an eye-popping hat for a clean, finished, modern look.

Shoes, Headband, Fedora, Blazer-Black, Blazer-Pink, Pearls, Skirt, Hat, Coretta

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