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Friday, February 10, 2012

Black History: Harriet Tubman

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Known as "Moses," Harriet Tubman was a runaway slave who freed at least 70 slaves. Because of an injury she acquired during her childhood (her master had accidentally thrown a heavy metal weight at her while trying to punish a slave. The blow caused her to have massive headaches, thus causing fatigue, seizures, narcoleptic attacks, etc) she normally grew tired while helping people escape.

Harriet Tubman used the Underground Railroad as a way to free the slaves. Mind you: the Underground Railroad is not an old subway. It's a system of stations where the runaway slaves would travel by night with the help of men with carriages, and they would rest in homes of other people. Sometimes, some people were not so willing to help--mainly because they were too scared that they'll get caught.

Harriet Tubman was wanted by many. Her reward was over $1000 for dead or alive. Though, traveling at night with a loaded shotgun allowed her to escape to the north--as far as Canada when the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was presented.

Harriet also served time in the Civil War as a spy to the Union Army. An influential woman of her time!

The outfit below is inspired by her. She wore a long, pleated skirt, or a plain long skirt, with a shawl to cover up. In the picture above, she wore head scarves. Ruffles and laced boots give you the feel of an adventurer, out to seek sanctuary for your people.

This is personally my fave picture!
Her stance shows great courage and protection.

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