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Monday, December 27, 2010

2010's Fave Fashion Craving

During the year of 2010, there has been many great fashion styles that many people have grown to love. I gave out a survey, trying to figure out what that was. On my list of fave things, we have:
  • Leggings as Pants
  • Ankle Boots
  • Silly Bandz
  • Sweater Dresses
  • Shaft Boots
  • Reusable Water Bottles
  • Leather Biker Jackets
  • Florals
  • Pearls
  • Mini Skirts that flared
Many people had sent in their votes and we have the winner!
Leggings as Pants!

Second place goes to Ankle Boots

And in third came Reusabe Water Bottles, Shaft Boots, and Sweater Dresses

Here's what some people had to say:
I always rock the leggins as pants :D

WhiteRandom, Stardoll.com
It's a tye between ankle boots and sweater dresses
Best ways to do the Leggings (or Jeggings) style
Top, Leggings, Shoes, Bracelet

Top, Leggings, Shoes, Rings

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fashion Gifts for under $15

Tis' the season to give and Kohl's has some of the best gifts to give. Shop for your mother, sister, daughter, whoever! With Kohl's low prices, you can get that special gift for that specail person!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Fashionista

I've been thinking lately and I haven't really told my viewers who I really am. As a total fashionista, I need to express myself. I spend lots of time finding the perfect outfit to go out in and I always have my personality. So, who is Deja Powell?

Well, my name is Deja, but I prefer ReneA (Ra-nay-uh). The 'A' is capitalized because there's always emphasize on the UH. Most of my friends' names end with UH, the perfect sound! Anyways, I would describe my style as Rockstar-Glam. I like leather jackets, skinny jeans and ankle boots, and I always have some kind of bling.

My guilty pleasure is...um, I have a lot. There's:
  • Skinny jeans in different colors
  • Red (the family color)
  • My fave ring
  • My heart necklace I got on my trip to New York with my grandparents
  • My fashion style!
I'm a very sweet person. Sometimes I can be quiet, not unless I'm with my friends. But when you get to know me, you'll see that I'm really cool. My fashion inspirations are:
  • Lady Gaga
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Alica Keys
  • Bratz
  • And of course my mom!
My future career is to become a famous fashion designer. I started making clothes when I was really young. I use to make clothing for my dolls and continued to make clothes for myself. My specialty is hand gloves. They're really easy and simple. I sometimes have difficulty with other types of garments, but I try to do my best and hope to succeed.

Sometimes I feel like I was born in another decade. I really like the 80's look (thanks to Homecoming Week) but I seem to always make whatever I wear to look unique. I'm not the type to actually follow trends. I like to make my own or take someone elses' look and put it into my own words. I like Lady Gaga because she's a risk taker and she doesn't care what others think. Vanessa's look is chic and edgy! Alica Keys has always been my fave singer and she's always elegant and fabulous.

As for my mom, I like using the clothes she doesn't want and making them my own (my fashion secret!) My mom is young and has great style. She dresses her age and I always ask her for fashion help. I never dress to young or too old. I hate when girls look way to old for their age. I understand they want to grow up, but I like staying a teenager for a while. You only get 7 years in the teens (and maybe 18 and 19 doesn't really count.)

I like giving my friends fashion advice and I love blogging about fashion. I want to come up with some of the best stories to post up, so that is why I have came up with my new post: The Fashionista. I will interview fashion girls and learn more about their fashion secrets and inspirations. So stay tune and if you would love to get interview, just email me at thefashionwht@gmail.com.
Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gone 80's

I love High School and especially Homecoming. This weeks Homecoming is "Casino Royale" and the spirit days are:
  • Pajama Day
  • Blast to the Past
  • Nerds vs. Athletes
  • Color War (class colors)
Blast to the Past is pretty awesome. We were to dress in the 80's, 60's, 70's; anytime in the past. I went 80's. I'm talking 'bout leg-warmers, fingerless gloves, bright colors! However, I put a little Deja into it and made my outfit look amazing! People thought I was cute and pretty hot! Blast to the Past is the perfect spirit day for Homecoming for sure!

Get this look! What you'll need are:
  • A bright color tank-top
  • Skinny jeans, or leggings (colored is permitted)
  • Leg-warmers
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Heels (or colored Shoes)
  • Bangles
  • Big T-shirt with a large collar (so it can hang off the shoulders)
  • Hoop earrings

You can try other types of clothing to get the 80's look. Bright colors, leather, old-fashion Adidas, band Tees, and much more. If you have your own style then you can make the 80's look look super fab!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion Lesson 2

You know the saying, "Now pop your collar."? Or "I'ma pop my collar."? Well, you have to make sure you have a collar to pop. There are many different collars. I have brought you the different types, with their definitions.

Narrow strip cut on a straight
grain or bias grain of fabric; used frequently on men's shirts and
ladies' blouses.

Deep, flat collar that falls from neckline to shoulder opening at
front or back.

A cape style oversized collar.

Flat collar formed from a
v-neckline; long, pointed ends at front; popular during 1960s and revived in 1980s.
A band or stand collar that stands straight at the neck edge, about 1
inch high, and opens at center front. Also called mandarin, cadet, Mao
or Nehru collar.

A collar shaped like a dog's
ears; usually found on a drizzler jacket.
An oversized collar. The collar employs a triangular piece draped over the shoulders. 
(jha-bow) Hanging ruffle attached
to front of collar, either permanent
or detachable; used on men's
formal wear, ladies' blouses and dresses, and children's wear.
Small, flat collar frequently used
on shirts and shirtwaist dresses. 

A rib knit collar with a placket
that has 2-3 buttons. Also called
a polo collar.

a standing collar turned over. The Mao collar takes its name from former Chairman Mao Tse-Tung
of China, and the look from
Chinese ethnic wear. Also called mandarin, cadet, Chinese or
Nehru collar.

Similar to a Chinese collar but sometimes made with rounded corners; named after jacket worn by prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru; popular during 1960's.

Flat round collar usually 2 to 3
inches wide, having round ends; popular in children's wear.
A very wide ruffled collar as
worn by the French pantomime
character, Pierrot.

Collar extending upward from neckline and turning over, the roll higher at back than in front.

Patterned after collar worn by American sailors; square neck at back, forming a 'v' at front; usually trimmed with braid and having detachable dickey and tie. Also
called a middy collar.

A scarf, wrap style, oversized collar.

A soft roll collar cut with body of garment and seamed at back; sometimes lapel section is notched.
Tailored shirt collar with spread points.

From: www.snapfashun.com/stylopedia my fave site!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Accessories Matter

What do you call an outfit without jewelry, a handbag, a hat, a belt, or a scarf? Well I call that an incomplete outfit. Adding a little bling to anything will make you pop and stand out. Accessories matter! Why? Well one day, I was getting ready for school. I spent most of my time trying to find a belt to go with my outfit. I finally picked one out and left.

What was wrong? I forgot to pick out my jewelry. All day, I felt off and incomplete. With out my necklace or rings or bracelets, I was off and I thought my outfit was terrible and felt others would think the same.

Now I may sound like a diva, but hey! Without that major bling, you just blend or poke out. I tried asking a friend if she would lend me a necklace or bracelet. She didn't because she felt without her jewelry she'll be off, too. And my friend doesn't normally care about fashion like I do.

Every girl wears jewelry. Well, maybe not all, but most girls (and boys) wear some piece of accessory to make them feel comfortable. Accessories are like your shoes or socks. Without them, you may feel low or you wish you could go home and change.

The lesson here is: Accessories matter. Pick carefully!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Outfits

Me and my friend, Deasia, had a blast at the mall. We found super cute clothes and shoes for the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Plus, we found super darling dresses, perfect for homecoming or a party. And the best part about all of this? It's all for a low price!

Dress on left: Belle du Jour, Macy's, $10
Dress on right: West 36, Encore, $25.99

Kali Shoes, Mix 5, $6.99

Rue 21 etc!, Rue 21, $24.99
Rue 21 etc!, Rue 21, $24.99

Ultra Flirt Cow neck Sweater Dress $19.99
Brown SM New York Boots $39.99

Outfit on right: White Crop Jacket $9.99
Firefly Denim Jeans $29.80
Active Tank top $6.80
Body Central

Outfit on left: Angel Cardigan $12.99
Team Black Tank top: $4.99
Goodtime U-SA Shorts $22.99
Outfit on left: Say What? Tank top $9.99
Fragile Blue Jeans-Skinny Jeans $14.55
F.A.N.G. (RS RCHD SD Belt) $19.99

Outfit on right: Same
Fragile Blue Jeans- Shorts $7.99

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fashion Lesson 1

Okay, how can you be a total fashionista, without knowing your fashion history?

Well, for one you would be a total DON'T, which is unacceptible. In the fashion world, different styles evolved from other styles. There's the Mohawk, for one, and even pants. There are things that work on us, and things that don't.

What is a Tunic?
A tunic is a loose fitting garment that extends to the knees. They were worn by both men and women in ancient Greece and Rome. They can have sleeves or not
Ed Hardy
Scoop Neck Cap Sleeve Eagle Anchor Tunic
Orig. $88.00
Now $59.99

What are pants?
Pants is a garment worn by men and women. They are worn by the legs and normaly are ankle lenght. Types of pants are capris and jeans. Pants can be made of demin fabric, cotten, linen, wool, etc. Pants were not worn by women until the late 20th Century.
Other names for Pants are trousers, breeches, slacks, jeans, shorts, and capris.

Apple Bottoms
Smocked Knit Tie Shorty Shorts
Was $29.99
Now $17.99

What are tank tops?
Tank tops are sleeveless shirts worn by both genders. They are normally worn during the summer time and by athletes. They can also be worn on tank top dresses.

Women's Crochet-Trim Racerback Tops
Color: Cocoa Powder
Color: Stripped
Old Navy

2b Rosette Printed Tank Dress
NOW $19.99
REG. $39.95
Sale price $19.99

Women's Crochet-Trim V-Back Tops
Color: Maritime and French Violet
Color: Heather Grey and Plantain
Old Navy

Calvin Klein Beaded Tank
Was: $49.50
Now: $29.90
40% OFF