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Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to Boost Your Confidence with Three Small Tips

Hello love-lee dolls! For the past couple of weeks, I haven't been feeling like my usual self. Mainly because of incidents with friends. One of my number one issues are the people I choose to surround myself with. When we first meet, I feel that these people are great, and our friendship will last! But slowly and surely, I will find some kind of trait that disrupts my flow and balance. Ultimately, I'm not happy. And I don't like being unhappy because it disrupts my confidence and attitude.

Well, I know I'm not the only one who's going through some problems. With the school year almost coming to an end, I'm ready to get away from everything and everyone and finally figure out who I am and what I want.

But until then, here are some ways to help you get through those tough times without doing too much.

1. Wear something extravagant
One thing that always picks my mood up is the clothing I wear. Certain colors and patterns receive many compliments from other people, and compliments are what help your self esteem. Switch up your look when you wear these items.

Get flirty and cutesy in a Russian doll, shirt dress. Or try a new approach in a sailor dress. Peplums are totally it for the season, and a blazer with black jeans always looks sophisticated and stylish. Or if you're going for a more rebellious approach, try a studded, faux leather vest.
One of springs fashion trends are printed jeans! Floral denim is oh-so-bold, while polka dot jeans are unique and playful. As for some fancy footwear, ankle booties are always a go to when you're looking for a bold look. Or try flats with bows because who doesn't love bows?? Geometric wedges are popping up in every store, so why not purchase a pair? Or if you really want to get wild, high heels with a ruffle trim are sure to make heads turn!

2. Create a Personal Vision Statement
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Last week, I was reading on College Fashion about important reasons for having a Personal Vision Statement. It is a written expression where you describe what you want, your goals, and your values. Personal Vision Statements are used to focus on the goals you desire and wish to accomplish.

"My Inspiration of Style" Collage I created a few years ago
When you're feeling down, creating your own statement will help you strive for a better future. The way I create my Personal Vision Statement is by cutting out inspiration photos and people from magazines to create a collage.
My fashion mood board, where I tack pictures of my designs, fabric, and inspiration
Another way is by posting pictures of my designs and pieces of fabric to create a mood board for when I'm designing. My sewing skills are not up to par, and I sometimes get discourage when I can't seem to get a stitch correctly or if my piece is too small to try on. But with my mood board, I can take a look at what I hope to accomplish and continue working.

Photo Credit
I literally spent an hour searching for a quote from the movie, "The Women." The 2008 film features Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes, and Jada Pinkett-Smith. It's the remake to the 1939 version, and talks about Mary Haines and her divorce with her husband and self discovery. Her three best friends, Sylvie, Edie, and Alex, try to help her cope with her emotions, while tackle their own problems as well.+

One of my favorite scenes of the movie starred Bette Midler playing Leah Miller. As Mary discussed why she's unhappy, Leah explains that being selfish allows you to be happy because in the end, it's what you want.
"You know, my dear, sometimes there's a reason why people's paths cross. Let me give you Leah Miller's secret to life. Don't give a shit about anybody. Be selfish. Because once you ask yourself the question, 'What about me?'...everything changes for the better. I mean, after all, who are you? What do you want, Mary?"
What this quote says that when it comes to our happiness and self-discovery, we can't continue to ignore what we want and hope to achieve. Sometimes we have to think about ourselves and put ourselves first. Now, I'm not saying become self-absorbed. But once in a while, think about you. Take the time to figure out who you are. Below is a set I designed. I choose rebellious and bold pieces because I feel that I should go against my label as "The friend who will listen to every problem" and go with "The girl with her own mind."

Oh, what a mistake. You just lit a fuse within me, and now the fire shall spread.

3. Take a Break
Best way to clear my head is by taking a walk on the trail with my mom.
The best way to find peace is to simply take a break from the world and submerge yourself into nature. Some Saturdays, my mom and I would go to the park and walk the trail for exercise. The best part of this trail is all the beautiful scenery and seclusion from the busy world. Here, I can think about my problems and ask my mother for advice.

Sometimes life will pick you up then slam you back down to the ground. The best way to get around this is to pick yourself back up. Never give up, loves! I sure won't!
~~ReneA P.

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