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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trip to New York, Day 3, Saturday

Yet again, I was hoping to get some sleep. However, my mom and I had to go to the Met Museum, go back to this bead store, and have brunch at this nice restaurant.

We first headed to the restaurant. The restaurant was really FAR away, so we had to do a LOT of walking. Luckily, we made it to the restaurant an hour before our reservation. So we walked a little further to the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. We went into the museum's gift shop, but we had to head back to the restaurant.
When we got back, we sat down to eat a three course meal. However, the took forEVER to serve us (considered there was like 5 people eating at the restaurant), so we decided not to go to the bead store.
Although, we did get a chance to go to the Met Museum to see the Alexander McQueen "Salvage Beauty" exhibit. Yet, there was an hour long wait, an we had no time for that. But I did buy a fashion book in the gift shop (an Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" poster and calender was like $180!)

So we headed back to the hotel. We walked all the way to the subway station, going down Park Ave. and Madison Ave.
When we reached the hotel, we checked out and headed to the airport. And despite all the fun we had in New York, we were happy to be back home. Can't wait till the next trip!

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