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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fashion Lesson 1

Okay, how can you be a total fashionista, without knowing your fashion history?

Well, for one you would be a total DON'T, which is unacceptible. In the fashion world, different styles evolved from other styles. There's the Mohawk, for one, and even pants. There are things that work on us, and things that don't.

What is a Tunic?
A tunic is a loose fitting garment that extends to the knees. They were worn by both men and women in ancient Greece and Rome. They can have sleeves or not
Ed Hardy
Scoop Neck Cap Sleeve Eagle Anchor Tunic
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What are pants?
Pants is a garment worn by men and women. They are worn by the legs and normaly are ankle lenght. Types of pants are capris and jeans. Pants can be made of demin fabric, cotten, linen, wool, etc. Pants were not worn by women until the late 20th Century.
Other names for Pants are trousers, breeches, slacks, jeans, shorts, and capris.

Apple Bottoms
Smocked Knit Tie Shorty Shorts
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What are tank tops?
Tank tops are sleeveless shirts worn by both genders. They are normally worn during the summer time and by athletes. They can also be worn on tank top dresses.

Women's Crochet-Trim Racerback Tops
Color: Cocoa Powder
Color: Stripped
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2b Rosette Printed Tank Dress
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Women's Crochet-Trim V-Back Tops
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Calvin Klein Beaded Tank
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Friday, August 13, 2010

What to wear? What to decide?

Okay, imagine the guy of your dreams or your boyfriend asked you out on a date. Now think of the thing you two will be doing. Movies? Dinner? Bowling? Picnic? Okay, now the hard part.

What are you going to wear?!

You may have this really cute skirt that people say, "It shows your legs, which are amazing!" But is that skirt appropriate? Let's define appropriate for this situation.
Appropriate: When the garment or accessory falls under the proper dress code for an event or place
So should you wear a skirt to a picnic? Wear heels when you go bowling?
Well, we're going to find out now!

Picnic Date: You're going to be on the ground, and it will probably be hot.
  • Capri's- They're short, but not too short
  • Jeans- Light denim will absorb less heat. Dark denim will make you hot
  • Shorts- You can never go wrong with shorts. Their name is their length!
  • Tee shirts- Plain color Tees are good choices, but if you want a little sparkle or color, graphic Tees and bedazzled Tees are great choices!
  • Tennis shoes- For comfort, of course
  • Sandals- To look cute and stylish
Dinner Date: You have to look good, even if you are just eating. But be careful to NOT spill anything
  • Dresses- Why the need to explain? They're stylish, they're beautiful, and your guy will be amazed at your beauty!
  • Skirts- Like dresses, but separate from the top. Layers are cute and skirts with exposed zippers are in!
  • One shoulder tops- They make you look slim, plus you can show off that summer tan you've been working on
  • Heels- Gives you height, but if you are tall and you don't want to tower over your date, stick to flats or gladiator sandals
  • Jeans- skinny jeans are great for a dinner date. If you want to look dressy, then go ahead and do a skirt or dress
Concert Date: You can relax and listen to music, or look fab and hope for the band to meet you
  • Band Tees- Support your fave band, singer, or rapper with a T-shirt with their face or name on it
  • Jeans- You'll need the comfort
  • Tennis shoes, Dunks, Creative Recs, etc.- Your toes should NOT be showing. While you're around people, they might step on your toes. And with those Creative recs or Dunks you got some rockin' colors
  • Studded belts- Show that rock star side
Bowling Date: Show em who's the strike queen deep inside you!
  • Jeans- Get color jeans to look cute
  • Jeggings- If you don't want to wear jeans, jeggings are a perfect way to look hot (Leggings that look like jeans? COOL!)
  • Graphic Tees- To sparkle and shine
  • Plain Tees- You can put a vest, tank top, or a belt over it
  • Tennis shoes- No heels. Why go bowling in heels? You don't want to fall
  • Socks- You do NOT know whose feet were in those rentals, so wear socks to keep your feet protected from other people's sweat and germs
All you have to do is pick the perfect combination of clothes and shoes, and pick you fave accessories.
  • Necklaces work
  • Bracelets
  • Rings (cocktail rings really work best for dinner)
  • Headbands
  • Hats
  • Shades (for the picnic of course)
  • And of course, Make-up (Don't leave home without that Lip Gloss!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to The Fashion...?

Fashion:  n. fash-ion, [ fásh'n]
1. clothing styles: style in clothing, hair, and personal appearance generally
2. business of styles: the business of creating, promoting, or studying the latest styles in clothing and hair
3. current style: the style of dress, behavior, way of living, or other expression that is popular at present
4. manner: a particular way of behaving or doing something

5. shape: the form or shape of something

6. type: a type or variety

No matter how you put it, I love the word! Well you probably want to know what's the point of this site, huh? Well first, call me ReneA, where there's always emphizes on the UH. I dream of becoming a famous fashion designer. I've been sewing since, well, I don't know. I guess a LONG time, like, 7 or 6. Anyways, I love making clothes and redoing my own clothes.

So I pratice and pratice everyday and I like to let my imagination run wild! I like giving my friends advice, so why can't I do that with everyone?

So is this a:
A. Fashion Advice Site
B. Fashion Education Site
C. Fashion History Site
D. All of the above!