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Monday, March 24, 2014

Teen Wolf Fashion Tribute to Allison Argent

Last Monday night's episode of Teen Wolf had me crying my pretty little eyes out! I wasn't expecting for Allison to be the fallen hero of this season! I had many hunches--from Derek, Deaton, the Twins, and Isaac--but I hadn't expected for Allison to be the one to leave the pact.

That episode left me in a depressed mood for a while. As I watch the episodes from season one to now, I realize that Allison sure has grown over these pass three/four years. And unlike many other female leads in other movies and films, Allison was not seen as simply "Scott's girlfriend." She was a sensational hunter, an exceptional leader, and a caring friend. Allison was just Allison, and I'm glad that Jeff Davis and his team of experts created an inspirational leader!

Allison showed us that even though life will get so damn hard and complicated, you have to be strong. She always had a brave face, even though she was freaking out. But like many of us, she confined her troubles with her closest friends while still being there for them as well. Allison wasn't a girly-girl, and she was pretty bad-ass with a crossbow and daggers! In the end, Allison was an all-around inspiration woman!

Season I

In season one, Allison made it clear that she wasn't a girly-girl. She was tough, determined, and simply in love with Scott. What I liked most about Allison was she was relatable to teens in love. However, her personality shifted after learning about werewolves due to Kate's "hints." This outfit is from Pilot episode. Get the look when you pair a long sleeve purple shirt with a pair of gray jeans and a jean jacket. Finish the look with combat boots and a long, green scarf.

Season II

Season two was a pretty meh season for me. It didn't have as much excitement that I wanted. But I loved Boyd, Erika, Isaac, and Allison's new found attitude toward revenge on Derek (of course stabbing Isaac multiple times and nearing killing Boyd was pretty scary! But not as scary as her mother!!) Allison's style is pretty much the same throughout this season as well: simple and trendy. Pair a Dreamcatcher tee with a pair of suede shorts and a coat with faux fur lining. To me, Allison was a boots and flat shoes type of girl (I guess because she was pretty tall) so finish the look off with a pair of black boots and a duffel bag.

Season 3A

After their summer break, Allison sure got a new look for season 3A. What I noticed was her new highlights and blow out. She was definitely maturing this season (of course, I missed Scallison!) For her look in episode 2, "Chaos Rising," she dawned a mixed-plaid top. So I found one similar to the one she's wearing and paired it with a black skater skirt, heeled booties (of course), and a metal cuff to resemble the bruise on her arm (the Beacon Hills First National Bank logo).

Season 3B

Despite her losing her mind, Allison was still tough and edgy during 3B! She never failed with that cross-bow of hers, plus she had the chance to use a Japanese Samurai sword! We revisit the classic jean jacket and paired it with a striped top, green skater skirt (did I mention Allison didn't shy from color throughout season 3?), and ankle boots with metal detailing (perfect for kicking ass!!) And a bow and arrow pendant necklace completes the look as well as resemble Allison making her silver-tipped bows in the past episode.

 Well loves, here's to Allison: the Leader! She will be missed! And get ready for tonight cause it's #Moonday!! Peace!
~~ReneA P.