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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Candle-holders How-To

It's getting so close to that merry, cheery time where families all over the world bask in the warmth of loved ones, open gifts, feast on a delicious meal, or share stories of past Christmas's. And some people may be out today, getting that last minute Christmas shopping in.

Today, I have a cute gift idea that's quick, easy, and inexpensive. Spending about seven dollars, I created a Christmas Candle-holder.
 These candle-holders are simple to make and perfect for your mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, or best friend!
 Materials needed:
  • Glue
  • Glitter (I choose red and silver, but you can do as many colors as you wish)
  • Tea candles
  • Tea candle holders
  • Paint brush
  • Small plate (or a small mirror would work)
  • Glass stones
  • Hot glue gun
Step 1: Using the paint brush, coat glue around the rim of the plate. Be sure to not use too much or too little.
 Step 2: After you have coated the rim, take the glitter and lightly sprinkle it on the glue. Once you have covered the glue completely, dump the excess glitter off. Repeat this step as many times as you wish with the other colors.
 Step 3: Take one of the candle-holders, and using the glue, create a design along the rim of the candle-holder.
 Step 4: Using the glitter, coat the glue completely. After you have finished, dump the excess glitter off the candle-holder. You may repeat this step with more than one color of glitter.
 Step 5: Take the plate and using the hot glue gun, put a dime-size amount of glue in the middle of the plate.
 Step 6: Afterwards, take the candle-holder and firmly press it on top of the glue.
 Step 7: Using the stones, create a simple design around the candle-holder. Then using the hot glue gun, glue the stones into place using a pea-size amount of glue. Firmly press the stones down.
 Step 8: Allow the product to dry. Place the candle inside the holder, and you have a cute Christmas Present to give to the family.
~~ReneA P.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dressing to the Theme: Holiday Party

It's that time of the year again where people are out shopping for gifts, baking delicious treats, caroling to their favorite songs, decorating the house, lighting candles, and simply being merry! Another upside to this Holiday Season are the parties you get to go to with family or friends.

I have put together some simple outfits to help inspire those in need of fashion advice! No need to thank me!


Attending a formal holiday party? Shine like a snowflake in a glitter dress paired with glitter heels and a silver headband. Add to the festive look with a mistletoe necklace.

Crazy Sweater

Take that crazy sweater and doll it up in skinny jeans, black boots with fur, and a Santa hat. Finish the look with silver jewelry, such as these adorable reindeer earrings and crystal, Christmas tree pendant necklace.

Santa's Helper

Don't own an elf costume? No worries! Take a long sleeve, evergreen sweater and pair it with a red skirt (perhaps Peplum....). Then add to the festive look with glitter, black ankle boots, a Charter Club Watch from Macy's, a Baroque waist belt, and an elf hat...that comes with ears!

That's all for now dolls! Happy Holidays!
~~ReneA P.