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Monday, January 30, 2012

Inspirational and Fashion Quotes

I thought today, someone would want a quote of inspiration. It's always great to boost a person's self-esteem, so why not share these quotes with that someone?

"Clothes don't make the girl; the girl makes 'em."--Thought of by yours truely! I love designing clothes (and if I didn't, why would I dream of becoming a fashion designer?) Basically, in my quote, you have to be the one to make your clothes look exceptionally fabulous or totally you. Clothing is just an object needed to keep warm. Clothes do not define you--you have to be the one to define your style.

"Work smart, not hard."--In the world of business, taking many hours to complete a task will only slow you down. Finding the shortcuts or easier ways to complete something will lead to ultimate success...or failure. In other ways, think wisely of the desicions you make, and don't waste your time.

"Treat everyday like a runway."--What's the point of playing it safe in fashion? Sometimes, taking risks can have its benefits. Don't stick to the simple, Plain Jane routine everyday. Go ahead and mix a few colors, throw on a funky belt, and get out there and shine. Just be careful and choose wisely.

"When the going gets tough, smother everything in chocolate."--Okay, another quote thought of by me. Life can be hard at times, and you can't always battle every battle. So here's what I would do: chill for a moment, and approach everything with sweet, positive thoughts. No need to get aggressive.

"Be true, be you."--Thank you Moxie Girlz! Have that confidence, or moxie, and take it to the maximum. Take the time to be who you are! It's your life, so live it up!

"When life gives you a needle, make a warrdrobe."--I should probably hold a self-esteem and fashion seminar! Take a look at you clothes, and think: "how much money did I even pay for this stuff?" Take any old clothes and make them extraordinary! That's what I do with my clothes.

Well, I would think you can use all these inspirational quotes and make yourself the best of your standards. Remember, be yourself, and forget everyone else. Look at the hatas and criticism, and smile! One quote I live by, "If you got hatas, then you doin' somethin' right!"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Just Complicated....

Hey lovely Readers. I guess you've been wondering why I haven't posted anything in like forever? (or some of you could care less). Well, my apologies. Lately, I've been trying to think of new ideas for the blog...something fresh and different. Plus I've been too busy with school and my iPod (my one and only addiction at the moment :]). But hey, I hate to ignore ya'll for so long!

Anyways, I'll think of some idea to wow you all. Perhaps another 80's inspired outfit? My walk through of creating my prom dress? Just random, lovely posts about random, fashionable topics and people?

Who knows! When I think of something, I'll be sure to start posting. I guess I'll stick to posts every Friday. *sigh* so many ideas, so little time (or perhaps I've gone lazy, lol).

Anyways, Ta-Ta for now!
--ReneA P.