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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why do I keep lying to myself?

I'm constantly apologizing for my inactiveness. I keep saying I'm coming with a comeback, yet I never really do so. Am I unfaithful to my blog? I guess I would have to admit that. But am I quiting the blog...that is the question.

Honestly, I don't want to quit the blog. I thought I could just move it to a new site, yet that failed (multiple times.) Basically, the blog is staying right here. But I need a game plan...otherwise, I don't think I'll get great reviews.

Sometimes, I think I'm talking to myself whenever I post. Sure, a handful of post are looked upon, but that was the past. I'm trying to move forward, and I keep holding myself back. I know I have followers and I know I have readers...just where are you?

For now on, I'm not sticking to the regular routine. I'm just going to post how I feel about fashion and what it really means to me. I'm going to post topics about the things I find glamourous and atrocious. I'm tired of these boring posts and long hours of constructing photes that I doubt are being viewed.

If you're out there, reading this, please, please comment. Show me that you are my support and I'm not wasting my time. I honestly want this blog to be as successful as the fashion blogs run by college students.

Let me tell you this: I'm a high school student and I'm proud of my blog. It's been nearly over two years since I had it, and I'm going to show you all that I'm ready for a new change. The Fashion...? is bold and new...We don't need no thought control!