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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring, Birthday, Hunger Games!

Hey lovely readers! I wanna say Happy Spring Time! Here's my stardoll suite of how I express spring. Add me @dejawears.line on Stardoll.com

Also, guess what? Dude, silly! My brithday is this weekend :D
I'm so excited for sure! I'm turning seventeen and hope to continue giving you more fashion advice on this blog. Woot-woot!
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Oh, and I can NAWT forget about The Hunger Games! Comes out today! I'm seeing it with my friends on Saturday! Can't wait!
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Anyways, ciao for now love-lees! Have a fashionable day ;)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

"Laethanta Saoire shona duit léitheoirí álainn!"
   --That means "Happy Holidays to you lovely readers" in Irish.

I loved St. Patrick's Day for a very long time. I used to think that it was a simple holiday where you wear green to avoid getting pinched and search for the hidden pot of gold by the Leprechauns. Surely as I got older, I knew all of this was not the real reason for St. Patrick's Day (though I can still find that pot of gold!)

However, I decided to asked a good friend of mine, who is Irish, and learn about the real reason why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day:
It is a catholic holiday that is particularly celebrated in Ireland because [Saint Patrick] is said to have been the saint that "brought" Catholicism to Ireland. His day is celebrated first in church to acknowledge his actions and goodness, and then, you know, the Irish always like an excuse to party, so they celebrate that evening. In America, people generally use the day as an excuse to celebrate drinking and Irish influences :). 
I'm so exited because my friends and I are celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a bonfire and Irish cooking. I've never had Irish food before, so I can't wait to try it.
So I developed a few potential outfits for those of you that are taking the time to celebrate today!

Simple, Gorgeous, Green!
Top, Bottom, Necklace, Bag, Shoes

No need to overdo it today. Get up, dress simple and clean, but prepare for the evening later on!

Back In the Good ole days...
Dress, Bag, Shoes, Bangles, Necklace
 There's nothing wrong with a little vintage on St. Paddy's Day!

Searching for the Pot of Gold
Cape, Capri's, Boots, Bangles

The weather can be a little iffy during the month of March. Be prepared! Plus, this outfit reminds me a little of The Hunger Games.

Pinch Me...I dare you! 
Dress, Shoes, Ring

There's nothing wrong with being a little naughty today.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big, Bright, and Beautiful

So as Spring comes around the corner, what is one thing I love most? Bright and bold colors!

I'm the type of person who mixes prints and colors, and still look good enough to walk down the street. It takes confidence, a passion for fashion, and an eye for style. If you're not one to try bright colors, take one item that's bright and mix it with neutrals like black, tan, and white. But always remember to have fun :D

Top, Skirt, Bag

Top, Shoes, Bag, Jeans

Skirt, Top, Belt, Shoes, Bag

Skirt, Shoes, Top, Tights

Top, Skirt, Bag, Shoes

Bag, Shoes, Top, Skirt
Top, Belt, Shoes, Skirt

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Epic Fails: Exclusive Fashion Donts

Sorry dear readers for the absents. I have been busy with my AP Language Arts class with a research paper and working on four prom dresses. But I've been looking for fashion ideas for the blog, and what smacked me in the face? Fashion Don'ts.

So as the weather is changing (and it's very bipolar here in Georgia), people have been mixing up their styles. And yes, I do commend them for trying new things...but it's getting out of hand! Some people are a little blind when it comes to their fashion.

Fail: Mixing Boots with shorts and tights.
      ~Are you hot? Are you cold? Do you need medication?! Though the weather changes drastically, it's no excuse for wearing shorts with UGGs and tights. Pick one season and stick with it!

Fail: Denim Shorts and Tights.
      ~It looks trashy and skimpy, and fashion-challenge. You can only wear tights with cloth shorts. Why? It just looks and FEELS good!

Fail: Large Holes in Jeans
      ~My mother use to yell at my brother because he had large holes in his jeans. And I just hate how girls wear their jeans and have half their legs hanging out. It's not decent, and really, did you really spend twenty bucks for a pair of jeans, just so you can tear them up?!

Fail: Pajamas in Public
      ~Do you honestly want others know what you wear to sleep in? I love Pajama Day at school, but you will never catch me in public in Tweety Bird Flannels or my Bratz House Slippers. Pajamas are NAWT outerwear! Gosh, please don't even try Pajama Jeans either!

Fail: Skinny Jeans with High top shoes (men)
      ~Your jeans are skinny, yet your feet look big. According to my father, "You look like a girl."

Fail: Fake Clear Glasses (men and women)
      ~So seventies, and my grandmother use to wear them during her time. If you have a prescription, then that's fine. If not...