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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two for the price of One

In June 2011, the start of "The Color of the Month" was a new thing for The Fashion...?. In June, the color, and it trend, of the season was print. And mixing prints was a must! Unfortunately, I did not create a post for July. I was stuck in the middle of polka dots, sheer, and white. But I'm starting the posting back up!

In the June post, I created outfits using print clothing and accessories. I would love to do this for August. However, creating multiple outfits can be a hassle (plus my computer runs wayyyy to slow for me.) So, I decided to try something different: I will explain why the chosen color is so important. Consider this a "Color of the Month" and a "Fashion Lesson." Two for the price of one, right?

So, without further ado, the color of the month, and fashion lesson number four, is all about *sings* DENIM!

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Jeans originated from the French phrase bleu de Genes, which means the blue of Genoa. Jeans come from  the French town of Nimes in the 1500's, where Spunky Genoese Navy sailors had first started the trend. Around the 1870's, when the Gold Rush kicked off, denim expanded as well, but became a hit fashion trend in the 60's and starred on runways in the 80's.

Jeans and denim are a main staple is a person's wardrobe. Jeans can be dressed up with heels and blazers, or dressed down in Chuck Taylor's and Graphic Tees. Denim comes is all forms, such as skirts, jackets, pants, and even shoes. Denim is an all-year round fabric, but for August, it's at its hottest point!

Seventeen Magazine's August freebies is all about denim, from brands like YMI, Aeropostle, and Material Girl. Also in the August issue, there's a guide to finding the perfect jeans for your shape and figure (get you issue now!)

And another hot new thing to look up are Pajama Jeans! Pajama Jeans are light-weight, like pajamas, but look like jeans! With the use of their DormiSoft fabric, the jeans are "stylish, sexy, soft, and comfortable." Just think of Jeggings, but wayyy much cooler and soooo in! Visit the site to see for yourself at http://www.pajamajeans.com/.

Of course, remember to put Denim and Jeans on your Back-To-School List!

My Fave Denim Commerial(s):
Pajama Jeans
Target Back-To-School Music Teacher (see video here)

My Fave Denim Song:
"Blue Jeans" by Jessie James (listen here)

Information about Denim and Jeans came from JeanWest.com

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  1. Don't care what anybody has to say. but pajama jeans do not mix. Pajamas should not be worn out of the house and jeans should not be worn to bed. Think they might need to rename these jeans...:-)