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Monday, July 18, 2011

Things to do Before School Starts

I must apologize for not posting as I should have been. Because of summer, I normal feel like wasting my time on Stardoll. But I vowed that every Friday will be a blog day! With this, I can continue blogging throughout the summer and even during school. This may mean four blogs a month, but anyways.

School is almost here, and there are a couple of things you must do before time is up.

Go through your closet and throw out the unneeded and old clothes. For school, you need a fresh start, and you can't go around wearing the same jacket from freshmen year, or even the eighth grade (yes I am guilty). You can take your old clothes to either Plato's Closet, you local Goodwill, or even hand them down to your little sister. Once you've done that...

Make a list of all the things you NEED. This includes plain shirts in solid colors and blue jeans. Once you got that, find the things you WANT to look go in for school.

Gather your girls and go shopping. School may have had juicy topics that you and your gals would talk about, but there are many others things you can discuss like summer crushes, vacations, and even your school resolutions. Plus, you all can comment on what to wear and what not to wear.

Do your summer reading. If you've finished already, good for you. Start looking over your notes again to refresh yourself. If your a procrastinator (you know who you are) start now. Get all that reading in to stimulate your brain.

Get your supplies. And fast! Sales are coming up and coupons are out. Don't wait till the last minute.

Get organized. Create a list of things you will need for school. Also, pick out the accessories for your locker. Having a special planner will help you during school. Also, put all of your late summer and early fall clothes up in the front of your closet. Push all winter items to the back. Keep early summer clothing in your drawers. You won't need them for awhile.

Think ahead. If you're talking AP Classes, or such, get the textbooks and workbooks you need. Studying ahead will give you a better chance at doing better on tests, quizzes, exams, and AP tests.

Think of cute hairstyles. This school year, you need to be the best at everything you do: schoolwork, friends and drama, and fashion. Find hairstyles that stand out and practice them. Find new make-up techniques to use (like smokey eyes).

And once you have done all of this, whine down and mentally prepare yourself. You don't know what school will have for you, so be ready. Reload new songs to your iPod or MP3 for bus rides and study sessions.

The day before school, primp and pamper yourself; text your friends; pick out your outfit and accessories; eat a good dinner; pack your things. And don't worry!

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