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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion Lesson 2

You know the saying, "Now pop your collar."? Or "I'ma pop my collar."? Well, you have to make sure you have a collar to pop. There are many different collars. I have brought you the different types, with their definitions.

Narrow strip cut on a straight
grain or bias grain of fabric; used frequently on men's shirts and
ladies' blouses.

Deep, flat collar that falls from neckline to shoulder opening at
front or back.

A cape style oversized collar.

Flat collar formed from a
v-neckline; long, pointed ends at front; popular during 1960s and revived in 1980s.
A band or stand collar that stands straight at the neck edge, about 1
inch high, and opens at center front. Also called mandarin, cadet, Mao
or Nehru collar.

A collar shaped like a dog's
ears; usually found on a drizzler jacket.
An oversized collar. The collar employs a triangular piece draped over the shoulders. 
(jha-bow) Hanging ruffle attached
to front of collar, either permanent
or detachable; used on men's
formal wear, ladies' blouses and dresses, and children's wear.
Small, flat collar frequently used
on shirts and shirtwaist dresses. 

A rib knit collar with a placket
that has 2-3 buttons. Also called
a polo collar.

a standing collar turned over. The Mao collar takes its name from former Chairman Mao Tse-Tung
of China, and the look from
Chinese ethnic wear. Also called mandarin, cadet, Chinese or
Nehru collar.

Similar to a Chinese collar but sometimes made with rounded corners; named after jacket worn by prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru; popular during 1960's.

Flat round collar usually 2 to 3
inches wide, having round ends; popular in children's wear.
A very wide ruffled collar as
worn by the French pantomime
character, Pierrot.

Collar extending upward from neckline and turning over, the roll higher at back than in front.

Patterned after collar worn by American sailors; square neck at back, forming a 'v' at front; usually trimmed with braid and having detachable dickey and tie. Also
called a middy collar.

A scarf, wrap style, oversized collar.

A soft roll collar cut with body of garment and seamed at back; sometimes lapel section is notched.
Tailored shirt collar with spread points.

From: www.snapfashun.com/stylopedia my fave site!

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