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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fashion Pet Peeves: An Exclusive Don't Column

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 Okay, this isn't my original idea, but it is a good way to better the fashion community lol. There are things I'm cool with, and then there are things I just can't stand! Here are a few fashion don'ts:

1. Pajamas in public: I really don't want to see what you sleep in at night. Pajamas are for home and sleeping ONLY. Now I'm reconsidering the Pajama Jeans I talked about earlier

2. Slippers in public: Same as the pajamas: leave 'em home please

3. Flip-flops: For one, they're bad for your toes. And two, unless they're super stylish, don't wear them out at the store, or school, or even the mall. Flip-flops are for the beach and boardwalk

4. Leggings as pants: Unless you're wearing a long top with them, then they're okay. But if not, don't wear them! It's really gross seeing a girl wearing leggings with a top that barely goes over the midriff. Ugh!

5. Matching: Your colors and patterns must match. Unless you're a total daredevil or a super stylish fashionista, do match your clothes.

6. Barely any pants left: I love distressed jeans. They're one of my fave Rocker chic trends. But when you wear distressed jeans that barely have any jeans, don't wear them. What I mean is, if your jeans are so shredded that you might as well go pants less, don't wear the jeans. In fact, throw them out!

7. Worn sneakers: Okay, I am guilty of this charge, and so are you. We love our sneakers to death, but they have to go someday--to shoe heaven lol. Anyways, unless their plain sneakers, like black converse, and white Adidas, they can stay for a while. But if their decorated or have a special design (i.e. striped) they gotta go!

8. Copying: Simple as this: DO NOT copy others. Come up with your own unique style! Be you!

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