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Thursday, October 24, 2013

How-To Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Before the big day comes along, I want to post one more article with Halloween Ideas. This week, I'm gravitating to some of my favorite shows that have the best fashion inspiration!

2 Broke Girls: Max and Caroline

2 Broke Girls Max and Caroline Channing are one dynamic duo, and a great idea of a couples costume. Get their iconic waitress look by taking a mustard-colored dress and outlining the sleeves with red ribbon. Add more ribbon along the front and back as seams. Use a red apron to complete the look. Decide between you and your friend on who will be Caroline and who will be Max. One person will wear black, knee-high boots and cuff bracelets, while the other will wear clunky wedges or ankle boots and a pearl, statement necklace.

Scandal: Olivia Pope

One tip we can all learn from Scandal's Olivia Pope is to stay strong, even if everything seems to be crumbling around you. Not only is dressing up as Olivia for Halloween will be easy and simple, you get to possess a sexy, business woman attitude! Every woman should own at least two pantsuits in their wardrobe, so just throw that on with a pair of pumps and a statement necklace. Conservative, yet creative for the holiday. Just curl your hair, and bonus: you can check your phone throughout the night and say, "We are Gladiators in suits." (I double dare you to!)

Teen Wolf: Lydia Martin

Self-centered, 5'3", strawberry blonde Lydia Martin is adorable, strong, intelligent, perky, and a banshee! Like me, she's short, so she always wears short dresses and skirts, and I'm pretty sure she's never caught at school without a pair of heels on. Get her look by pairing a short, floral dress with a jean jacket. Throw on a pair of ankle booties, and gloss your lips with a flirty pink that will  even have Stiles crushing for you, too!
That's all I have for you loves! Happy Halloween!
~~ReneA P.

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