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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to The Fashion...?

Fashion:  n. fash-ion, [ fásh'n]
1. clothing styles: style in clothing, hair, and personal appearance generally
2. business of styles: the business of creating, promoting, or studying the latest styles in clothing and hair
3. current style: the style of dress, behavior, way of living, or other expression that is popular at present
4. manner: a particular way of behaving or doing something

5. shape: the form or shape of something

6. type: a type or variety

No matter how you put it, I love the word! Well you probably want to know what's the point of this site, huh? Well first, call me ReneA, where there's always emphizes on the UH. I dream of becoming a famous fashion designer. I've been sewing since, well, I don't know. I guess a LONG time, like, 7 or 6. Anyways, I love making clothes and redoing my own clothes.

So I pratice and pratice everyday and I like to let my imagination run wild! I like giving my friends advice, so why can't I do that with everyone?

So is this a:
A. Fashion Advice Site
B. Fashion Education Site
C. Fashion History Site
D. All of the above!

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