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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashion Lesson 3

Transition from winter to spring

As the winter is slowly leaving, springtime is just around the corner. As a fashionista, it can sometimes be a challenge to adjust to the season. Sometimes you can spend countless minutes trying to find that perfect outfit. Here are a couple of tips to help:
  • As the end of the season comes, start going through your closet: you will see you'll have clothes that you haven't worn in years. Time to get rid of those and make some space
  • Search for clothing you don't really have: find new skirts in different colors; buy new pairs of jeans; find plain color shirts (for different color combinations)
  • Take risks: look for types of clothing you have never tried. You might find a new fashion trend
  • Use your jeggings again: jeggings were 2010's fave fashion craving, so use them as simple jeans or leggings for skirts/dresses. They will make the skirt/dress edgier!
  • Pay attention to your favorite stars' styles: and then find a way to fit that into you personality
  • Watch fashion shows/videos: They'll give you ideas
  • Recycle your things: use your skirt as a top; make that old T-shirt into a scarf; use your chains for jewelry
It's always good to pay close attention to the simplest things in fashion. And remember to take risks!

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