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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Tunes pt. 1

Hey dolls! So throughout the course of the new year, artists are bringing out new tunes and singles to promote their albums and images. I for one love music with a passion! Coming from a background where many members of my family sung, dance, or play instruments (any violinists out there?!) and having a father that would make beats and music since I was a baby, music simply runs through my body!

I like all types of musical genres because of the beats and sometimes the lyrics. I especially love singing along (but you won't see me on American Idol!) Not to mention my iPod is filled with over four hundred songs from back in the day to now! My favorite artists have been my idols for years!

This summer, we're hearing new artists coming out with hit singles like Kat Graham and One Direction (the British band). So to dedicate this post to new songs, I've created fashion inspired outfits to my top, played songs!

Heart Killer by Kat Graham
Photo Credit; Tank; Blazer; Shorts; Pumps; Earrings; Bangles
Kat Graham's new song talks about a bad boyfriend that doesn't treat his love right. In Kat's album cover, she sports out an animal-print jacket paired with leather shorts and a bandeau Get this same look and vibe with a animal print tank, like cheetah, paired with cut-off shorts. Next sport out a blazer like Kat's. To complete the look I have multiple bangles, studded pumps, and heart stud earrings to make you look bad-azz!

Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
Photo Credit; Vest, Bandeau, Spiked Cuff; Boots; Layered Necklace; Medallion Necklace; Jeans

I'm not really a fan of Justin Bieber. I could never really like his voice. But when I heard this song playing on the radio, I immediately fell in love with the lyrics, the beat, and well, his voice! Imagine being serenaded by this song?! Watching the video, I got the vibe of a hip hop, street dancer wearing distressed denim, vests, and boots. Here I combined a pyramid-studded vest and spandex bandeau with distressed jeans and cobalt, leather boots by none other than Betsey Johnson. To complete the look, I added a spiked cuff, a layered, chain necklace, and a heart medallion. Now you're ready to roll with Justin and his crew!

Who's That Boy (ft. Dev) by Demi Lovato
Photo Credit; Dress; Vest; Shoes; Necklace; Earrings; Pearl Ring; Rhinestone Ring; Bow Ring

I downloaded Demi Lovato's new album, "Unbroken," and automatically I fell in love. I like how she switched from pop to R&B, showing off her more grown-up/confident side. I had always been a Demi supporter since "Camp Rock!" In her song, Who's That Boy, she has this more sexy, Bebe vibe. Here I took a bodycon tube dress, paired it with a faux fur vest and glitter, peep-toe pumps. As for the jewelry, I like multiple rings, and the statement necklace is chic. Perfect for a party where you spotted a cute boy!

All Night Long (ft. Missy Elliot and Timbaland) by Demi Lovato
Photo Credit; Headband; Leggings; Nightdress; Slippers

Alright, now that you've got that boy's number, you can call him up and...TALK! Stop bein' nasty!
Have a midnight chat with him in a cute nightdress that you lounge around in. Keep your legs and toes warm with nylon leggings and fuzzy slippers. And keep your hair out of the way with a cute, braided headband. Nothing like getting comfortable and talking (I'm watchin' you, now!)

Climax by Usher
Photo Credit; Blouse; Skirt; Bandeau; Fedora; Cuff; Necklace; Flats
I have to say, Climax is a really moving song...including the music video. Usher claims that the song is not about sex, so I interrupted it as split decisions. So in this ensemble, we have a high low, sheer blouse paired with a maxi skirt with a slit. Next I added the white bandeau to match the white fedora (hey, I like mixing and matching!) Added are flats for a soft, melodramatic vibe, a cross pendant, and a shattered cuff. Very daring in my taste, plus I just couldn't make up my mind!

Comment with your thoughts and song suggestions below. Part 2 and 3 coming soon! Love ya dolls!
--ReneA P.

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