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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baroque Fashion on Stardoll

Hey dolls! Being a violinist, music seems to run through my blood (note the Summer Tunez post). And the new line on Stardoll has edgy styles, cute designs, and classic pieces.

In producing drama, tension, luxuriance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, and music, Baroque is a period of artistic style that uses clear, interpreted detail and exaggerated motion. The style started around the 1600's in Rome, Italy, and had thus spread across Europe.

The Baroque period comes after the Renaissance period and before the Classical period, with composers such as Handel and Bach. A piece composed in the Baroque period is short, but not staccato, and fast tempo. So pieces may include Vivaldi "The Four Seasons," Monteverdi "L'Orfeo favola in musica," and Pachelbel "Canon in D."

The new Baroque fashion in Viole takes pieces with peplums, edgy shapes and cuts, layers, and "exaggerated" patterns to create eccentric, yet elegant, timeless styles. Provided is my friend, Girlpoweress, modeling pieces from the new line.

Top: Ordimental top 86sc
Skirt: Pale Seaweed skirt 72sc
Bag: Massing Clutch 49sc
Belt: Baroco belt 34sc
Shoes: Teal Shell heels 48sc
Total: 289sc

Now here's another way you can get this same look for yourself!
Dress; Shoes; Belt; Clutch

 ~~ReneA P.

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