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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The thing about jeggings and leggings...

Okay. Honestly. The trend should be done. One thing I noticed with teen girls is that they're constantly wearing jeggings and leggings as pants. For me, I don't like the style. It seems as if you're naked and exposed. It makes me uncomfortable to wear leggings with a top that does not go below my bottom. As for the jeggings, I'm a bit tired of skinny jeans myself (considered all I have in my closet are skinny jeans :[). Anyhow, if I was a superhero my name would be "Fashion Critic" because that's what I'm going to do now.

All around you can probably find girls in "dress-code" violation. Girls would say, "Whatever! They can't tell me what to wear!" But then again, they can because they own the school. Besides they tell us to not wear these things because it "distracts the learning enviroment." Well, I can't see how hats can distract someone, but they claim they can cause "fights and violence." What, is the hat gang in town?

Girls, to me, who wear leggings as pants and tight jeggings make me wonder if their very lady-like. Honestly, they're not (have you heard what they talk about?!) And my motto is: "You have to be a lady and keep your dignity because people will respect you But sometimes, it's okay to have a little fun."

With the "fun" part in my little quote, that means it's okay to wear cute skirts; you can break-out those stiletoes; there's noting wrong with showing a little skin. But in the end, ladies, we're still teenagers. What's wrong with wearing age-appoatiate clothing, and do not say it makes you look young.

In my opinion, girls how dress really sexy makes me wonder if they respect themselves. Can someone really take you seriously if you dress like a hooker? No, not at all. Also, would you really want boys looking only at your behind and not at your beautiful face?

What I'm saying is, respect yourself, and school rules. Believe me: there are other ways to be hot without really trying.

Here are some examples for Legging-equiette:

Outfit 1
Top, Leggings, Pumps, Leg warmers

Outfit 2

Jeggings, Top, Coat, Boots

Outfit 3
Skirt, Leggings, Top, Belt, Oxfords

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