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Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Guilty Pleasures...

Gosh! Can ya'll believe the year is almost over?! I mean, sooner or later, I will be off to college :D
But thought the year is coming to an end, I look back at all the miracles and mishaps I had in 2011. Some are total lol moments and others are...no comment :")

But anyways, there are a few handful of things I've done over the year.
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I played on Stardoll...every single day.
I just love Stardoll, and yes, it's true: I've been playing on it EVERY single day since summer break. I can't take myself away from it. Too. Much. Fame. Fashion. And Fun (well friends too, but whatever).

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Okay, I kinda sorta put my make-up on in the school bathrooms.
Ever since school started, I have to get up extra early and take an hour long bus ride to school (not cool.) Before, I would have tons of time to do my make-up. Now I don't. I emphasize with all the previous junior and senior girls who would do their hair and make-up in the bathrooms in the morning. They just don't have the time anymore.

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Ever since it got cold, I've been drinking hot chocolate.
I love hot chocolate! And since it's gotten colder (and I got me a coffee cup), I'm able to making hot chocolate in the morning before I leave for school. Lately, I've been putting mocha cocoa powder in my hot chocolate (a little boast of caffeine for my day).

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I've scowled at freshmen.
Honestly: they think their all that! They took up the back seat of the bus and are always loud. For one, the back of the bus is suppose to be reserved for juniors and seniors (and sometimes sophomores who are cool with the upperclassmen). Plus, they needs to keep it down in the afternoon. Don't nobody wanna hear conversations about nothing *sigh* Okay, I'm calm.

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I've been eating school sub sandwiches.
Over the years, a girl can grow tired of pizza and chicken fingers. School lunch nowadays just ain't that healthy. But ever since my school has been serving sub sandwiches and wraps, I've been getting a much better meal. I'm full (until I get home) plus I feel a whole lot healthier. Move over undercooked chicken wings! The subway's comin'!

I'm dressing on how I feel.
Some days I wanna wear skirts. Then other days, I just wanna wear skinnies. And other times, I just wanna go shopping hahaha. But this year, I feel as if I have matured a little bit more. Freshmen year, I took risks and was trying to find who I was. Sophomore year, I settled with rocker chic and 80's glam. Now, I'm more business casual and simple, yet stylish. It reflects my maturity well. I wonder what senior year will be like :)

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 I'm keeping up with The Winx Club.
Over the summer, I have been watching The Winx Club TV shows on YouTube. Currently I'm on season four. I love the Winx. I remember being a child and watching a few shows, but I had never actually gotten the chance to see it (we don't have cable). But I'm glad it's still here (in fact, as I am writing this post, I am watching an episode hahaha).

Well, I guess that's about all. Don't complain bout my writing. I writes how I feels and I do what I please. I don't need no thought control! Lata Ya'll!

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