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Thursday, August 15, 2013

How My Summer Went

Hey dolls! My apologies for not keeping you updated these pass couple of weeks...or more like for a month. As summer for me is drawing to a close, I've grown more anxious for school and more lazy. However, I have kept myself busy with checking up on friends on Facebook and Instagram, I've worked on a few pieces, though they're not nearly close to being completed, I've watched movies perhaps every night, as well as spent the week watching season one and two of Teen Wolf (now I'm starting on season three!!) I have also spend birthdays with family members, took a trip to Savannah for some much needed R&R, and of course, shopped for new school clothes.

One thing I have also done was wore my hair natural all summer long. I plan to get it done by the end of this month. I've been too lazy to do it myself, and it's a bit hot to be blowing drying my hair. And while school may have started for many, I'm still waiting (precisely one month) for my start.

I've had a few ups and downs, like trying to figure out how to pay for school and getting all my information sent in. I've taken a break from weeks of nonstop writing essays for scholarships and I shall pick that back up after this weekend. Not to mention I've slacked on my dance lessons and workout sessions, so I need to restart that process before I injure myself from common tasks, like walking.

But overall, this summer has been a blast! I guess having the satisfaction of graduating and never having to go back to high school again is a result to this wondrous summer. But I'm ready to get back working and writing. I'm excited to see what is to come these last couple of months before we enter the new year. Hope everyone is living and loving life!

Ciao for now!
~~ReneA P.

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