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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to Wear the Color Yellow

Ah, summer! The time of the year where we get to kick back and enjoy the heat of the sun while sipping on ice cold lemonade or taking a large bite out of our ice cream sundaes. And one color I've noticed for the pass week is yellow.

For some people, yellow can be hard to pull off. It's a very bright color and it can catch the attention of many people. However, yellow shouldn't be a hard to wear. It gives off an exciting vibe, perfect for anyone with tons of energy.

I found different fashion pieces in yellow, and I'm here to share how you should work them!

Yellow Dress

If you're looking for a relax, comfortable look, take a simple dress in yellow and pair it with Converse. Coat your wrists with bracelets and bangles. Grab your tote bag for a stroll in the park or window shopping (of course...bring some cash!)

Yellow Bikini


 My goals for the summer are to workout intensely, eat right, and bask in the sun's natural light so that I can have a healthy body when I go to the beach and start school. If you're trying to find something flirty for a trip to the beach, try a yellow bikini with floral detail or a ruffle-trim bandeau bikini--both from Boohoo. Cover up with a pair of denim shorts and heart-shaped shades. You can never go wrong with sparkly sandals and a beach tote.

Yellow Shoes

If you're like my mom, you probably have tons of shoes in many colors and styles. Work a pair of yellow pumps with high-waist pants and a crochet cropped top in pink. Gold accent pieces compliment these shoes, so stick with gold bangles, a gold layered necklace, and drop earrings. For extra style points, put on a floppy hat and Chanel shades.

Yellow truly is a pretty color. Be happy! Much love, dolls ;-*
~~ReneA P.

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