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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Steal Their Look: Plaid Storm

Hey loves! Hope you spent your St. Patrick's Day well! This month I'm getting ready to whine down and finish off this school year with much success. It has been a very busy month, though I'm planning to break out more ideas for my fashion line and blog. Today, I'm bringing back those "Back-to-School" posts from August, but adding a twist. I have many friends and each has their own distinct style. One of my good friends has volunteered to be a model in this new post. I present to you with outfits inspired by my friends--and maybe I will feature myself very soon!

Meet my friend, Plaid. What I love about his style is that he's a little laid back with a slight rebellious side to him (though he's a sweet guy with a great personality). Plaid may come to school in a button down top paired with jeans and sneakers, or jeans matched with his signature converse with green laces.

"Classy but not obnoxious. Out there but not bad. Some random stuff I throw on after a shower in the mornings."

Plaid's signature look is, well,plaid. Get his look by pairing a flannel top and a graphic tee over a pair ofjeans. Layer on a few rubber bracelets to spice up the look, and finish thelook by throwing on a sweatshirt and Nike shoes. Now you're ready for a day outwith your friends, or a comfortable day at school.
Thank Plaid for being such an awesome model! There's more to come, dolls! Lata!
~~ReneA P.

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