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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Carrie Diaries Pt. 1

Who caught the premiere of "The Carrie Diaries" last night? The show is the prequel to "Sex in the City" where the audience gets to learn how Carrie Bradshaw weaves through the crazy life in Manhattan. Taking place in the 80's--one of the most revolutionary fashion periods--the characters are found in bright, bold colors (my favorite kind!), extravagant hair and make-up, and music you gotta love!

Meet Carrie Bradshaw

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Meet the eager Carrie Bradshaw. She's a sixteen year old girl living in 1984. She has a love for her family, writing, and the big city life. But Carrie struggles with the lost of her mother, battling with her rebel sister, and trying to find her identity. Of course, Carrie is determined to discover who she is, and has friends to help guide her through the maze.

Played by Anna Sophia Robb, Carrie is a fashionista. She loves the bold prints and colors, and you may describe her style as subtle, professional, and girly.

Get Carrie's look when you pair a ruffle dress with a leopard cardigan. Complete the look with a waist belt and pumps, perfect for a girl ready to take over Manhattan!

Carrie can't tackled her problems alone, which is why she was loyal friends!

Meet Maggie

Played by Katie Findlay, Maggie isn't really the best of role models. Being that she may drink and is sexually active, viewers can tell that Maggie herself is battling with her own quest in self-discovery (though that's my opinion!) Get Maggie's outrageous look in a neon, knit top paired with bright pants. Complete the look with bright tennis shoes, neon earrings, and a rubber watch (a totally trend back in the 80's!) And if you're looking to be bolder, experiment with bright eyeshadow colors and bright lipstick. Totally 80's!

Meet Mouse

Mouse, played by Ellen Wong, has her own issues to tackle. After losing her virginity to the guy she loved, she's wondering whether or not he still loves her. Mouse's look, unlike her best friends, is not as wild; however, her simple, girly look indicates she's the innocent one in this new series. Get Mouse's look with a pullover sweater, jeans, and classic slip-on Toms. Create a side bang using clips for an extra sweet look.

Be sure to catch the new series every Monday at 8/7c on the CW. More to come later on! Lata dolls!
~~ReneA P.

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