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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fashions Inspired by the VMAs

Hey dolls! So the upcoming research project is coming along great! I'm finding some really cool information from many different sites and other blogs. However, I'm here today to talk about the VMAs on last Thursday! Many of my fave stars were presented, and the fashions were just lovely! Kevin Hart made jokes, One Direction won three awards awards! And Alicia Keys (plus Egypt attended the night with her! AWWWW!) preformed with Nicki Minaj and Gabby Douglas! So it was one fun night for sure! And here are some fashions inspired from the night!

Kevin Hart: Leap of Faith

Photo Credit
Kevin Hart was the host, and he had the best time doing so. Cracking jokes on many of the attendees (including Drake and Chris Brown) and of course making a fool of himself (remember his "Three-Chain" skit and welcoming The Wanted skit), Kevin kept us all laughing...or mad (hmmm, seem a bit upset RiRi)?

One of Kevin Hart's highlights of the night was his crowd surf as he leaped into the crowd after his opening monologue about Hollywood Celeberties' mistakes.

In the outfit I created, I have a blazer matched with a white top and denim pants. I also have a pair of white converse and a swirl cuff. Like Kevin Hart in his Business Casual outfit, you too can crowd surf!

Blazer, Top, Pants, Shoes, Bracelet
















P!nk: Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Photo Credit
P!nk preformed her new single, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" for the first time on the VMA stage. Her signature stunt is being lifted in the air (Shelley Rome even commented on her performances being like Cirque du Soleil). Of course like P!nk's powerhouse vocals, her style is impeccable and edgy.

In the look I created, I have a white top matched with high-waist shorts. To get that P!nk rocker look, add pink, fingerless gloves, suspenders, and black heels. And don't forget that last kiss...and a lips pendant necklace!

Top, Shorts, Shoes, Gloves, Necklace, Tights, Suspenders







Nicki Minaj: I Am Your Leader

Photo Credit
Nicki was presented at the VMAs, supporting Drake and Lil' Wayne, collecting her award for "Best Female Video," and preforming alongside Alicia Keys in "Girl on Fire." And of course, Nicki must command attention as she was dressed in a black lace jumpsuit with red detail.

In the outfit I created, I found a black lace, one-shoulder dress and paired it with glittery pumps. To get the red detail on Nicki Minaj's jumpsuit, wear red drop earrings with a red beaded, layered necklace, and rings. Pucker up with this red lipgloss and show em who's boss!
Dress, Shoes, Necklace, Ring set, Ring, Lip gloss, Earrings







Alicia Keys: Girl on Fire

Photo Credit
Alicia Keys is back and preforming her new single, "Girl on Fire" with Nicki Minaj and guest appearance by Gabby Douglas! While Alicia was preforming, her husband, Swizz Beatz, and baby boy, Egypt, rooted for her in the audience. Alicia was most definitely sparkling and glowing in her ensemble!

In the outfit I created, I have a gold, knit sweatshirt (perfect for the changing weather) matched with wide-leg, black trousers. To match Alicia's accessories, I found these sophisticated heels, hoop earrings, a swirl ring, and a simple bangle. Like Alicia's belt, I found this adjustable chair belt, fit for any waist-size.

Top, Pants, Belt, Bangle, Ring, Earrings, Shoes










The Wanted: I'll just take you all home, and then everyone wins!

Photo Credit
Okay, I most definitely agree with Rebel Wilson about choosing between the boys (though I wasn't feeling that...um, T-shirt of hers). But of course, it's no joke that we all would rather have each of the handsome British-Irish band mates (no fighting dolls!) The boys looked spiffy in their suits, making hearts swoon!

To get a sophisticated, yet edgy look, I have this simple blouse matched with edgy faux, leather pants and a polka-dot blazer. Also added are black, buckle boots, a brown watch, and a mustache necklace (super cute!)

Blazer, Blouse, Pants, Boots, Necklace, Watch









One Direction: We've had this award for two seconds and already we broke it so there's a good start!

Photo Credit
First, congratz to the boys for wining not one, but three awards Thursday night! That was simply amazing, and I'm so proud! Now, it's been two years the boys have been together, and their journey has been a twisted rollorcoaster with breaking records, rumors, crazed fans...and new hairdos!

Let's celebrate the boys' win, yet still keep it stylish, in these simple, grey wash jeans and a plaid shirt. Expose your 1D T-shirt and sport out some Pastry sneakers!

Plaid Shirt, 1D T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers

Taylor Swift: Like...Ever!

Photo Credit
Taylor changed her hair, her look, and her attitude. Why? Because she's, like, never ever getting back together with him...like ever!

Taylor closed the show with her spectacular performance of "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together"--the song that every girl should listen to when stuck in that crazy, twisted, confusing relationship. And I'm guessing leaping into the crowd is a new trend (Lil' Wayne attempted to crowd-surf when on stage with 2 Chainz).

As for the outfit I've created, I have some gorgeous shorts matched with this lovely, striped sweater (like Taylor's). Also included are these red pumps, dark shades, and red lipstick because you have a new attitude, and you're like never getting back together...like ever!
Sweater, Shorts, Heels, Shades, Lipstick

Well the VMAs was a glorious night! Talk to ya lata dolls!
~~ReneA P.

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