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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get The Look: Teen Wolf Style

Get The Look: Teen Wolf Style
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**For those who have not seen episode 13 "Anchors," one: what the heck are you waiting for?! And two: there is slight possibility that I will spoil parts, so please, do not continue with this post. You have been warned!

Hey loves! Happy New Year to you all! I hope every one's break was marvelous and filled with lots of joy. And after a five month period of patiently waiting for the return of the hit fantasy and drama series, Teen Wolf, Monday night's premiere sure had us on the edge of our seats, biting our nails, and biting into a pillow to keep from screaming (well, at least I had!)

What we gathered from teasers and interviews is that this season is nothing like the others. We'll see a more in depth look at Stiles life, as well as dive into new romances. For all you Scallison fans out there, it looks as though Allisaac is going to happen. So poor Scott, right?

NOPE! With the introduction of Arden Cho's character, Kira, we immediately see a connection between Scott and the new girl.

But teen love can't compare to our troubled three and their new mission to save themselves from insanity (or worse). Stiles seems to be suffering from dyslexia and seeing words and symbols, as well as having lifelike dreams. Allison is being haunted by her dead aunt and is afraid she may become her. As for Scott, now that he's an alpha, he can't seem to control his powers.

Sure, all seems to be twisted up in Beacon Hills (as always) but there is always more! Sheriff Stilinski is going through old cases--now that he's in the know of this supernatural world. He's also struggling to solve at least one of them, before Agent McCall (yeah, he's still around) gets him "impeached!" So that means there's something out there that the Nemeton has lured, and the mystery of who turned missing girl, Malia, into a coyote. So far, there hasn't been any mention of the Kitsune just yet; however, there's still more to come!

Get The Looks!

Now I have informed you on the latest with Teen Wolf, let's get down to fashion!!

Get The Look "Teen Wolf": Allison and Lydia
Photo Credit|| Allison's Outfit (skirt, sweater, boots, lipstick) Lydia's Outfit (skirt, top, boots, lipstick)
Even if you're being haunted by images of your dead aunt, it's nice to have a friend that will still be there...even if you almost shoot them in the face with an arrow. Last season, I could tell Allison was morphing into a new person (in a good way) with her blowout and a touch of highlights. She was never the type to be a girly girl; however, recently I could tell that she isn't shying away from that inner princess with a dose of comfy. Steal her style by pairing a heart sweater with a skater skirt and riding boots. Allison's makeup is never over done, so try a nude lip with a hint of pink.

The one thing I loved about Lydia from the very beginning was, well, she's 5'3" and perky (only an inch taller than me!) She's always seen in heels and short skirts and dresses to add more leg length. But that was season one and two. Now Lydia has gone a different route. She continues to dress to impress while enhancing her strawberry blonde locks and pouty lips! Steal her style by pairing a denim skater skirt with a burnout T-shirt. Complete the look with suede, ankle booties and a subtle, pink lip.

Being the new girl is one thing...being the new girl while your father is the history teacher may have some embarrassing effects. Although, Kira tries to make friends with Scott and his pack, informing him, Stiles, and Allison that they're suffering from Barto, which is the Tibetan word for "in-between state" (and as Deaton confirmed, the state between life and death). Of course, Kira has caught Scott's attention, and a possible love connection shall arise. But we all know that not every new addition to Beacon Hills is unaware of supernatural happenings! My hunch, Kira may know a little more about the Kitsune than we think...

In the meantime, we can't ignore the fact that Kira has an interesting style, which I can relate to the most out of the three females. Steal her look when you pair a cropped varsity tee with a faux leather skater skirt (take note, loves! Skater skirts are still in. Stock up!) I found that combat boots with buckles seemed appropriate for Kira, as well as knee-high socks in a cranberry color. I have a hunch that Kira is indeed the Kitsune or a werefox at that, so finish off your ensemble with a fox pendent necklace!

What could be worse than Stiles tears (remember season 3, episode 6 "Motel California"?) Oh, I know: Stiles having horrifying nightmares!! This season, Stile's role in the show is going to be emphasized a bit, which gives us a chance to fan girl over him more! Hopefully we will learn his real name, as well as learn the history of his mother. But for now, anyone else want to give the poor boy a hug??
Stiles has a distinctive style: comfortable. He's always seen wearing T-shirts and jeans or cargos, so steal his look by pairing jeans, a tee, and a plaid shirt. Complete the look with a pair of sneakers. Considering Stiles believes he is suffering from what looks like dyslexia, I believe the symbols and jumbled words mean something much deeper. So finish off this ensemble with a Greek key pendant.

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Oh, before I go, here's a little eye candy! Keep calm and watch Teen Wolf, loves!
~~ReneA P.

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