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Saturday, May 7, 2011

FER: Fashion Emergency Restoration

What are some things that a fashionsta MUST have for quick fashion changes?

Tide to Go

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As a person who loves food and condiments, I am normally the type who would drop food on my clothes. From chocolate to ketchup, I would spill some on my pants. Plus I love using pens, and whenever I'm bored, I would accidentally write on my jeans. And not just any jeans: my white skinny jeans. But with this Tide pen, I can quickly say goodbye to those stains and spots, something that every girl needs!

Scissors are a great way to redesign anything (duh!) Scissors can be used when you need a quick transformation. You can take a top you abhor and make it into a crop top, a simple shawl or scarf, maybe a pair of leg/arm warmers. No matter what you redesign, keep your scissors in mind!
Sewing Kit
I just love those cute little sewing kits. They're the perfect item for quick fix-ups such as holes in shirts, lose seam, and broken belts. They're good for on-the-go, plus you can always work on your sewing skills with these guys. A must-have for a fashionista!

Hand Sewing Machine
Yeah, it may seem a little weird to bring a miniature sewing machine, but what can I say? The device can make quick touch ups and such, plus you would always be prepared when someone has a wardrobe malfunction. Give it a try!

These are just a couple of things I think would be perfect for tagging along with you. They're perfect for any little problem you may have, but make sure you bring a fabulous tote bag to actually carry this stuff. What's the point of bring your fab devices if you're not going to let them sit inside an awesome bag?

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